PEDRO is looking for an Apartment in Apeldoorn

PEDRO is looking for: An Apartment in Apeldoorn

  • Apartment
  • Min. 50 m2
  • Male
  • 19 Immediately

I am Portuguese, an engineer by profession and I have been living in the Netherlands for 9 months with my wife and youngest daughter. I have been working in Apeldoorn, at ITS B.V., for 8 months. My wife is a psychologist, but has been working at the Van der Valk Hotel Deventer for 7 months.
We have accommodation guaranteed only until 31/03/2022 and need to rent an apartment to live in and to improve our life. I hope it can be yours.
If you consider the possibility of renting this apartment to us, we will be able to talk and we will certainly give you all the additional information you deem necessary. We can also present all documents that confirm the information I am giving, as well as our financial condition.

General information: PEDRO
  Male, 57 years old
Type of tenant: Professional